Lighting for schools and educational institutions

All products of «Varton» correspond to the international norms. In particular, lamplight at schools, which are provided by our lamps, corresponds to SNandR 23.05-95. For illumination in school classes perfectly light-emitting-diode lamps will suit a 595*595*50 mm and 1195*180*50 mm "Premium" for educational establishments. Quality illumination of territory of school it is straight related artificial light to the health of children. Illumination of schools (and all preschool establishments) must be produced according to Standarts and SNandR "Natural and artificial illumination".

On a web-site of «Varton» you will find all necessary ceiling lamps, to draw up a draft of illumination of school. Ceiling lamps for school from the group of companies of «Varton» are produced on by strict control on every border of making. Loading on sight for children, frequency of twinkling, noise during work of lamp is all the parameters on that quality illumination is estimated at school. Outward illumination of school and adherent territory is executed by different light vehicles. All that is needed you will be able to find on our web-site. Prices on lamps for school it is possible to know by phone +7 (495) 649-81-33.