E220 - Е220 для школьных досок - 1
E220 - Е220 для школьных досок - 1 - preview

Е220 for school boards

Dimensions: 1195×100×50mm
‣ VartonTM LED PCB 3528 SMD 90×0.1W = 9W
‣ Size 1195×100×50mm
‣ High color rendering index CRI >80Ra
‣ Operating temperature -20°С to +50°С
‣ Input voltage AC176-264V
‣ Frequency 50Hz ± 10%
‣ LED Lifespan 50 000h
‣ 3 year warranty
‣ Luminaire package dimensions 1234×115×69mm
‣ Diffuser package dimensions (2pcs) 1205×190×18mm
‣ Low illumination ripple factor IRF ≤ 1 %
‣ High power factor PF ≥ 0,95

‣ Supplied with crushed ice diffuser 

‣ Mounted on a vertical surface with brackets



Product code
Rated power
Luminous flux*
Color temperature
Rated power: 18W
Luminous flux: 2100lm
Color temperature 3950K
Rated power: 18W
Luminous flux: 2100lm
Color temperature 3950K
* - the light flux is specified without taking into account the light transmission of the diffuser.

Diffusers of 1189х96mm (are completed separately)

V2-A0-PR00-00.2.0016.25 Prism standard 1189х96mm
V2-A0-OP00-03.2.0016.15 Opal1189х96mm
V2-A0-PS00-00.2.0016.20 Pin-spot 1189х96mm
V2-A0-CI00-00.2.0016.20 Chopped ice 1189х96mm
V2-A0-MP00-02.2.0016.20 Microprism 1189х96mm
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