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Dimensions: 265х255х155mm

‣ Power 30W/60W/90W
‣ The Light stream 3300-8000lm
‣ The Color temperature 5000k
‣ Degree of defense of shell of IP65
‣ Size - 265х255х140mm
‣ Input voltage АС100-240V
‣ Index of color rendition of Ra >75
‣ Power-factor ≥0, 97
‣ Class of protecting from a defeat the electric current I
‣ Low illumination ripple factor ≤1%
‣ Climatic modification type NF1
‣ Operating temperature - 40° to +45°C
‣ 1 year warranty
‣ LED Lifespan 50 000 hours

‣Mounted on pipe with diameter Ø40-Ø60 mm

Technical characteristics
‣ Size 265х255х140 mm
‣ Color temperature 5000K
‣ Сolor rendering index Ra >75
‣ Operating temperature от -40С° до + 60С°
‣ Input voltage AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
‣ Pf ≥ 0,96
‣ LED lifetime 50 000h
‣1 year warranty


Product code
Rated power
Luminous flux
Color temperature
Rated power: 30W
Luminous flux: 3750lm
Color temperature 5000K
Rated power: 60W
Luminous flux: 5700lm
Color temperature 5000K
Rated power: 90W
Luminous flux: 9000lm
Color temperature 5000K
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