TT-01 - TT-01 - 1
TT-01 - TT-01 - 1 - preview
‣  Color rendering index Ra >82
‣  Operating temperature +1°С +40°С
‣  Input voltage AC176-264V
‣  Frequency 50Hz ± 10%
‣  Lifetime 50 000hrs
‣  3 year warranty
‣  Illumination ripple factor ≤ 1%
‣ Fastened on three-phase tire-wire
‣ Fastening is included in a complete set
‣ Metallic corps (casting under constraint) c causing of white powder-like paint.


Product code
Rated power
Luminous flux
Color temperature
Rated power: 32W
Luminous flux: 2800lm
Dimensions: 168×226×89mm
Color temperature 3000K
Rated power: 50W
Luminous flux: 3700lm
Dimensions: 160×226×106mm
Color temperature 4000K


V4-R4-00.0023.TRK-0010 Tire-wire white 1 m
V4-R4-70.0023.TRK-0010 Tire-wire grey 1 m
V4-R4-05.0023.TRK-0010 Tire-wire black 1 m
V4-R4-00.0023.TRK-0020 Tire-wire white 2 m
V4-R4-70.0023.TRK-0020 Tire-wire grey 2 m
V4-R4-05.0023.TRK-0020 Tire-wire black 2 m
V4-R4-00.0023.TRK-0030 Tire-wire white 3 m
V4-R4-70.0023.TRK-0030 Tire-wire grey 3 m
V4-R4-05.0023.TRK-0030 Tire-wire black 3 m
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