Bulkhead Lighting

Rated power
Высота установки

LED-lamps intended for the use in the field of HCS (housing and communal services) some differ from other lighting technique. Ordinary domestic and office lamps yield to the products of company VARTON by its descriptions. Light-emitting-diode lamps for HCS possess enhanceable durability, has a proof to the shots and antivandal construction. They are more lasting in the use. For the production of such lamps the special, steady to the heat and to ignition plastic is used, it is allows to set them in the most different apartments.

Use of lamps HCS on objects

Lamps for HCS are mostly used as a basic and additional source of light in the objects of the different setting. These can be entrances, garage complexes, basement apartments or covered stands for cars. Another plus is possibility of setting of sensor of motion, which allows more rationally applying these lamps and shortening the expense of electric power. Light-emitting-diode lamps for HCS are suitable for exploitation in extreme terms, places with enhanceable humidity, chemically by an aggressive environment, in workshops and on storages.

Economy of electric power

The light-emitting-diode lamp of HCS also helps considerably to bring down charges on electric power due to using of light-emitting diodes as a source of light. The cost of such type of illumination is still considered although high, she is quickly recompensed due to the economized facilities on the subzero consumption of electric power and justifies itself the large term of exploitation of products. The light-emitting-diode lamp of HCS is steady to breakages, does not overheat and serves longer, that does him priority among other products. Such lamps maintain a test in any weather terms, are not afraid of nipping frosts and enhanceable temperatures.

Editing comes true as easy as anything by standard instruments both on horizontal and on vertical surfaces. In addition, in the assortment of VARTON there are low-voltage models light-emitting-diode lamps. Their application is especially topically in apartments with rigorists to safety. LED lamps for HCS quickly collect popularity for consumers. At the Russian market every day demand increases on such type of illumination. We will be glad to help you to be determined with the choice of quality, economical and lasting devices!